The Build-A-Cell Massively Open Online Laboratory

We would like to realize a future where people without access to wetlabs can contribute to the BAC project.

An automated robotic system that can perform PURE reactions and report results could enable contributors by executing user defined experiments, collecting data, and reporting the results to the user.

This would allow people to contribute in whatever way they can and could start to develop a gaming culture within the BAC project.

Coordinated Labor

We would like to realize a future where institutions with ample resources can perform the “heavy lifting” when others cannot.

Resource demanding experiments such as cryogenic electron tomography (cryo-ET), mass spectrometry (MS) or next-generation sequencing might be prohibitively expensive for resource strained labs and individuals wishing to contribute to the BAC project.

If a contributor wishes to tackle a complex module but does not have access to the necessary experimental tools, it is our hope that contributors with more ample resources will to contribute to the BAC project by performing some of the necessary experimentation for that module.

A cloud-lab based on the OpenTrons 1 running PURE reactions is a start toward that goal.