Build-a-Cell Workshop #3

August 6, 2018; Minneapolis

WHEN: ~8:30a-5p Monday 6 August 2018

WHERE: University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, Tate Hall
See below for detailed instructions.

HOW TO REGISTER: To participate please contribute a single bio slide that you can use to introduce yourself. Please see examples from others if needed. Or, be creative.
You can copy your slide from previous Workshop #2 presentation.
Please register by Thursday, August 2. We will place catering orders based on number of people registered at that time (=number of slides in the google doc).

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Workshop plan

Please bring your laptop. Most of the workshop activities will involve editing shared online documents.

Working groups. The workshop will focus on few specific issues, considered in working groups.
We would like to have specific, tangible outcomes at the end of the workshop.

We will have discussion about each of the topics prior to the workshop, on dedicated Slack channels. Join our Slack channel by getting an invite.

1. Roadmap: writing a review/roadmap paper, describing approaches and pathways towards building synthetic cell. To be published after the workshop.
expected outcome: rough draft of a paper, ready for presubmission inquiry and further polishing
slack #roadmap
Google document for shared editing

2. Containers, unifying and creating reproducibility of liposome formation
expected outcome: list of protocols, list of labs willing to perform interlab study
slack #containers
Google document for shared editing

3. Pure that makes pure: self-replicating translation systems
expected outcome: white paper review? list of problems that need to be solved to obtain self-replicating Pure
slack #PureMakesPure
Google document for shared editing

4. Better translation: making and upgrading cell-free protein expression extracts
expected outcome: list of available protocols and list of needs and problems to solve, to be published on Build-a-cell engineering site.
slack #cellfree
Google document for shared editing

5. Measurements
slack: #measurements
Google document for shared editing

6. In silico cell Software for modelling and simulation of synthetic cell metabolism, transport, signaling and circuits
expected outcome: list of available codes and protocols, list of needs for inputs and wishes for outputs, start dedicated Git. Put together a v0.1 simulation of a synthetic cell that has whatever functionality we can muster.
slack #in_silico_cell
Google document for shared editing

Who gives talks: Nobody. This is a really working workshop, we don't have traditional long talks. Everybody will participate in working groups and general discussion.

Travel, food, lodging information

FOOD: Food will be provided: breakfast, lunch and plenty of coffee, but only to people who register.

WHERE TO STAY: Closest hotels to the meeting site:
Graduate hotel
Days Hotel University Ave SE
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Minneapolis - University Area

DIRECTIONS to the campus from the airport
Minneapolis - St Paul Airport (MSP) has direct public transportation link to the UMn East Bank campus. You need to take Blue line from the airport in the direction of Downtown (Target Field), then at US Bank Stadium stop switch to a Green line train in the direction of Union Depot. Get off at East Bank stop (unless you're staying at a hotel down the street, in which case Stadium Village might be your stop).
Metro system map (pdf)
Uber should be equally quick option except at ruch hour, when it might actually be faster to take the train.

DIRECTIONS on campus
UMn East Bank campus map
Church Street is closed during the summer for construction. Easiest way to reach the building is to walk across the courtyard from Washington Ave.
Campus map pdf.

Tate Hall entrance

Tate Hall, entrance on the other side

UMn East Bank Campus

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