Build-a-Cell Workshop #6

January 31, 2020, NASA Ames Research Center, Building 3
500 Severyns Ave, Moffett field, CA 94035

Draft itinerary, Friday January 31 2020
8.00 AM Breakfast, introductions begin
9.00 AM Presentations of working groups (previous groups reassemble, new groups)
10.00 AM Working groups start
noon-ish Lunch, half hour poster session
afternoon Working groups continue
4.00 PM Assemble back in the main room, working group summaries and plans
5.00 PM The End.

On Thursday, January 30, we will have informal dinner for all available participants. Expect the dinner to begin around 6PM, we will announce the location later.
The dinner will be somewhere very close to Ames and the hotels where most people are staying.

To register please fill out this google form.
The registration form is also an application for a travel grant. Deadline for travel grant application is November 15 2019.


In addition to the below listed groups, we welcome suggestions for in situ formation of new working groups after the general discussion.

LifeOS group
Building an operating system for life.
google doc link best group

Interlab Group
A list of potential components/subsystems that have already been demonstrated in isolation by differently and could be potentially integrated together in a "synthetic cell” to demonstrate some interesting function. Output is diagram showing the components and some made-up graphs showing what we think we could demonstrate.
google doc link interlab group

PURE that makes PURE/better translation group
Self-replicating translation systems, making and upgrading cell-free protein expression extracts
Expected outcome: white paper review? list of problems that need to be solved to obtain self-replicating PURE
google doc link pure group

In silico cell group
Software for modelling and simulation of synthetic cell metabolism, transport, signaling and circuits
Expected outcome (Aug 2018): list of available codes and protocols, list of needs for inputs and wishes for outputs, start dedicated Git.
Put together a v0.1 simulation of a synthetic cell that has whatever functionality we can muster.
Lead Drew
google doc link in silico group

Questions group
something house science accumulation
google doc link theory group

Tool group
Tools for construction of synthetic cells.
google doc link tool group

Synergy group
This breakout’s discussion was about the need for both top/down and bottom/up processes to understand essential cell functions.
google doc link synergy group

NASA Ames has dorm-style lodge, at prices much lower thn average hotel price in this area. The lodge buildings are walking distance from the building where the Workshop will be.
To book rooms in the lodge, please call housing front desk, 650-604-8100.
Tell them you are with the group "Build-a-Cell".

Bldg. 19 Newly renovated rooms $253 a night.
Bldg. 19 Non-renovated rooms $85 a night.
Bldg 583 Queen bed $75 a night.
Bldg 583 2twin beds $70 night.  

Please note: the lodge is under renovation. In January there will be no wifi in the rooms, and no breakfast. Price is still extremely competitive for the area, and rooms are comfortable, if not fancy.
All rooms have private bathrooms.
lodge website

If you need invitation letter for US visa, please email Kate Adamala.

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