Pasadena meeting 24 July 2017.

What is Build-A-Cell?

As DNA design, synthesis, and testing methods have improved researchers have begun exploring the systematic refactoring, minimization, or rebuilding of natural genomes. However, there is no constraint limiting genome engineering to merely the recapitulation of what already exists. Genomes encode organisms, and the time is right to start thinking about engineering whole novel organisms.

Build-A-Cell is an open source project to create a core genome (a "biokernel") that can boot a genomeless cell into growth and division. We hope that this kernel will form the basis of a new collaborative ecosystem for bioengineering; a new, understandable branch on the tree of life to open new horizons of creativity and construction.

What organism do you want to build?


Time Activity Comments
9:00 am Introductions 1 slide + 1 minute presentations by all participants
9:30 am Overview presentations:
  • Richard Murray
  • Kate Adamala
  • Drew Endy
Short presentations to set the stage
10:15 am Break
10:30 am Individual Research Ideas / Projects (1 slide) Interested participants describe ideas or research activities in 1 slide and 2-3 minutes
11:45 am Summarize main ideas (Anton)
12:00 pm Lunch at the Faculty Club Walk to Atheneum, eat lunch, walk back
1:30 pm Discussion of new ideas from lunch (if any)
Organize into subgroups
1:45 pm Subgroup discussions
2:45 pm Break
3:00 pm Group discussion: thoughts from breakouts
4:00 Summary and next steps


Confirmed participants

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