Welcome to Build a Cell, a revolutionary slot machine game that blends the excitement of casino gaming with the fascinating world of synthetic biology. This interactive game features reels adorned with various cell components, from organelles to molecules and enzymes. Players spin the reels to match and assemble complete synthetic cells, with each winning combination representing a fully functional cell. Dive into the microscopic world and experience the thrill of cell creation while winning big! Try it out now on 888Starz.

Gameplay Mechanics

Reel Symbols

Game offers an array of symbols that represent the fundamental building blocks of cells:
- Nucleus: The control center of the cell, managing genetic information.
- Mitochondria: The powerhouse of the cell, generating energy.
- Ribosomes: The protein factories, assembling amino acids into proteins.
- Proteins: Essential molecules for various cell functions.
- Lipids: The building blocks of cell membranes.
- Cytoplasm: The gel-like substance filling the cell, where many metabolic reactions occur.
- Enzymes: Catalysts speeding up chemical reactions within the cell.

Bonus Rounds

Cell Builder Slots features engaging bonus rounds triggered by specific combinations of symbols. These rounds are not just for extra spins; they immerse players in mini-games where they solve puzzles to enhance their synthetic cells. For example:
- DNA Repair Mini-Game: Fix damaged DNA sequences to maintain cell health.
- Protein Synthesis Puzzle: Assemble amino acids correctly to produce functional proteins.

These mini-games provide a dynamic and interactive way to deepen your understanding of cellular processes while aiming for bigger rewards.

Progressive Jackpots

For those seeking even greater thrills, **Cell Builder Slots** offers progressive jackpots. By building a series of complete cells or achieving special symbol combinations, players can unlock progressive jackpots that grow with each spin. This feature not only heightens the excitement but also offers substantial winning potential for the most dedicated cell builders.

Educational Aspect

Cell Builder is more than just a game; it’s an educational journey into the world of cell biology and synthetic biology.

Cell Information

Each symbol on the reels is accompanied by a brief description of its function in the cell. For example, when landing on a mitochondrion symbol, players will see a pop-up explaining its role in energy production. This feature ensures that players gain valuable knowledge about cell biology while enjoying the game.

Bonus rounds are designed to educate as well as entertain. Each mini-game introduces players to fundamental principles of cell biology and synthetic biology. Whether you’re repairing DNA or synthesizing proteins, these interactive experiences provide insights into the intricate workings of cells.


It is a unique fusion of casino gaming and scientific education, offering players an exciting way to explore the microscopic world of cells. Spin the reels, assemble synthetic cells, and win big while learning about the essential components and processes that sustain life. Whether you’re a science enthusiast or a casino game lover, **Cell Builder Slots** promises a thrilling and enlightening adventure.