Job openings in synthetic cell research.

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Date: 7/18/2018
Employer: J. Craig Venter Institute
Job type: postdoc
Contact email: [email protected]
Job description: This position is responsible for assisting with conducting research in an area related to the goals of the Department. With guidance and consultation from the Department Heads, this scientist will work to identify the biological functions of genes of unknown function in the JCVI created minimal bacterial cell, JCVI-syn3A. Currently there are about 100 of these genes.The scientist designs and executes experiments and/or scientific software and analyzes experimental results/data. As a member of a scientific team led by one or more Professors, Post-Doctoral Fellows are expected to help develop new scientific projects by assisting with the preparation of proposals that seek resources to support new or ongoing projects. Trains and supervises staff assigned to the Department. Publishes results of work in peer-reviewed journals. Attends and makes presentations at scientific meetings. Participates in JCVI laboratory meetings and serves on JCVI scientific working groups. Please submit applications to the JCVI employment website job SYN 1386.
Location of the job: USA, La Jolla, CA
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Date: 7/16/2018
Employer: University of Minnesota
Job type: Postdoc
Contact email: [email protected]
Job description: Our lab is working on bottom-up approaches to building semi-synthetic minimal cell, recreating natural biological processes for basic science, astrobiology and biomedical applications. We're looking for postdoctoral researcher with expertise in one of those areas: liposome preparation, cell-free protein synthesis, ribosome biology, microfluidics or construction of complex genetic pathways.
Location of the job: Minneapolis, MN, US
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Date: 8/22/2018
Employer: Synvitrobio, Inc.
Job type: Research Associate
Contact email: [email protected]
Job description: Assisting the team in the design and execution of laboratory workflows, process development, and technology implementation. The ideal candidate will have at least two years of research experience in a biological/biochemical research lab (industry experience is a plus). Adhere strictly to established protocols, while contributing to the design, testing, and implementation of new ones. Enthusiasm to work in a fast-paced start-up environment, critical thinking, and the demonstrable ability to rapidly learn unfamiliar techniques is required.
Location of the job: Berkeley, CA

Date: 7/16/2018
Employer: Synlife
Job type: Lead Scientist
Contact email: [email protected]
Job description: Synlife is looking for a highly motivated scientist with expertise in the fields of synthetic biology and/or liposome drug delivery to lead development of innovative applications of its proprietary Synellâ„¢ technology platform. The candidate will work closely with a small team of founders and engineers to rapidly prototype applications, iterate business plan hypotheses, and play a leading role in the growth of the company.
Location of the job: Cambridge, MA, USA
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In addition to the job listing posted here, there are other options of soliciting and discovering jobs in our field.

The Build-A-Cell Slack team: you could either post info on the general channel (goes to everyone) and/or post on the #jobs channel.

There are two synthetic biology mailing lists that could potential be used: [email protected] and [email protected].
More info here:

The EBRC has a mailing list that they use for job postings and other things.
All EBRC members are on it, but anyone can sign up:

Synbiobeta has a job postings page