Build-a-Cell Workshop #4

February 8 2019, JCVI in La Jolla, CA

Thank you all for a great, productive workshop.

The Build-a-Cell workshop will be hosted at J Craig Venter Institute.
The workshop will be similar to previous Build-a-Cell workshops: 1-day event, focused on directed group work, with specific outcomes and deliverables at the end.
We will provide breakfast and lunch, and we'll aim to be done around 5PM so people can catch evening flights.

when: ~8:30a-5p Friday February 8 2019, see bottom of this page for detailed program

where: J Craig Venter Institute campus in Ja Jolla, CA.

how to register: To participate please contribute a single bio slide that you can use to introduce yourself. Please see examples from others if needed. Or, be creative.

Conference dinner
6.30PM Thursday, February 7, Karl Strauss Brewing Company
Please come join us if you have time!

Live streaming and remote participation
Video conference, Bluejeans links to both workshops:
To join the NIST workshop on Thursday Feb 7, Bluejeans link to NIST workshop , Phone Dial-in: +1.888.240.2560 (US Toll Free), global numbers ; NIST workshop meeting ID: 195 359 046
To join Build-a-Cell Workshop #5 on Friday Feb 8, Bluejeans link to Build-a-Cell #4 workshop , Phone Dial-in: +1.888.240.2560 (US Toll Free), global numbers ; Build-a-Cell workshop meeting ID: 688 695 679
You can participate remotely in working groups via slack and google documents - details will be given by each group.

NIST Workshop Thursday, February 7

NIST CELL-FREE (Comparable Engineered Living Lysates For Research, Entrepreneurship, and Education) Workshop will be organized a day before Build-a-Cell workshop - on February 7 2019.
Details and registration for the NIST workshop (this website is curently down due to the government shutdown)

The agenda for the workshop:
DNA Template Preparation (group leader Vincent Noireaux)
Failures And Common Mistakes (group leader Richard Murray)
Lysate Preparation (group leader Zach Sun)
Measurement Needs (group leader Elizabeth Strychalski and Jane Romantseva)
Sharing and Reporting Information (group leader Kate Adamala)

The workshop will begin at 12.30PM at the J. Craig Venter Institute’s (JCVI) campus in La Jolla, 4120 Capricorn Lane, La Jolla, CA 92037

Local info

Both Build-a-Cell and the NIST workshop will be at the J. Craig Venter Institute’s (JCVI) campus in La Jolla (4120 Capricorn Lane, La Jolla, CA 92037). Registration for both workshops will be in the JCVI lobby and the event will be on the 3rd floor. We will meet mostly in the JCVI’s 100 person conference room. There will not be parking for workshop attendees at the JCVI. We recommend using ride sharing services. There is parking in the neighborhoods south of the JCVI, and it is about a 12 minute walk from areas where parking can be found (see the attached map). It takes about 20-30 minutes to travel from the San Diego Airport to the JCVI.
There is no parking available at JCVI campus. Really, NONE. Please walk or take the cab.
CELL-FREE Workshop will begin at 12:30 PM PST on Thursday February 7th and end around 5:30-6:00 PM. There will be no lunch, but there will be snacks and drinks.
The Build-A-Cell Workshop will begin with registration and breakfast at 8:30 AM PST and conclude at around 5:00 PM. Lunch, snacks, and drinks will be provided.


This info is for both NIST (Feb 7) and Build-a-Cell (Feb 8) workshops.
A block of rooms is available at the La Jolla Sheraton Hotel , which is the closest hotel to the JCVI. These rooms are $174 per night (government per diem rate for La Jolla) for February 6th, 7th and 8th.
This toll-free number is available now for workshop attendees to call: 1-800-325-3535 and ask for the Workshops group rate.
This block is only available until Wednesday January 2nd. We did not reserve many rooms and once those are taken, the Sheraton will make other rooms available to us at the $174/day only so long as additional rooms are available.


We're grateful to Qiagen, Vector Builder, Illumina and Oxford Nanopore for their generous support of the workshop.

To receive email updates fill out this google form.

Current program, roughly

9AM Start - introductions

9.45AM - 11AM Plenary discussion: How do we/are we organize/ing ourselves to actually put everything together and figure out why whatever we put together is not working (or if it is working)? [moderator Drew]

11AM - 2.30PM Working groups (with lunch break at noon)
4 working groups
- Modelling and in silico [moderator William Poole, Murray Lab] deliverables: tbd
- Containers [moderator Zoila Jurado, Murray Lab] deliverables: deliverables: Confirm a encapsulation protocol and method of editing (both methods), introduce a method of testing efficiency of encapsulation, next steps in encapsulation
-Laundry list What molecules/subsystems do we need to put together? [moderator Nathan Gaut, Adamala Lab] deliverables: list of sub-systems, published and hypothetical, and what needs to be done to put it together.
- Missing pieces What expertise or capacities do we need in our build a cell community that we are now lacking? I.e., I wish for one output from this meeting being a clear understanding of who we should be actively recruiting to join our team? [moderator Drew]

2.30PM picture

3PM-3.30PM International updates: synthetic cell organizing, funding and collaborations all over the world. The US [Drew], Europe [Wilhelm Huck], China [Tetsuya Yomo], Israel [Avi Schroeder], Canada and GP-Write [Bogumil Karas], Japan [Kazuhito Tabata], South America [Elibio Rech].

3.30PM-3.45PM Wiki presentation and encourage people to edit [William Poole]

3.45PM summary from all groups and final discussion

5PM Go home. Or go to dinner together if you’re staying in town.